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Modern white up and over garage door with car and blue sky

Up & Over
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Up & Over door's are one of the UKs most popular garage doors to date.

This is partly due to the functionality of the door and the also the wide variety of materials, styles, designs and finishes they come in.

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Up & Over

Up & Over garage door's still remain one of the most popular door's in the UK to date.

When we think garage door's they are usually what pops into mind straight away.

They were the first garage door type in production starting back in the early 1920's.

Although the the general structure remains the same today, they have advanced massively along with other types of garage door's over the year's.

Because it is one solid piece, it allows for much diversity when it comes to styles, design's and finishes.

They start as the most basic up & over canopy and go as far as bespoke designs which are limited only by imagination.

Modern grey up-and-over garage door with black BMW car

Contemporary and attractive 

The range of garage doors at Door To Door Direct has been carefully designed to appeal to all tastes. We have a wide range of standard colours, door types, materials and designs to choose from, so finding a garage door that is in keeping with the style of your property will be easy.

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Black Hormann remote control
Brass effect garador door garage door handle
Garage door handle and pull cord
Anthracite grey Modern up and over garage door, evening sky, bungalow
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Up & Over 


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