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Solar Protection

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The combination of the most innovative systems, together with the most cutting-edge technology and a wide variety of intelligent drives, ensure that there will always be a solution with a high degree of customization.

Electric Boxed Awnings 

By Saxun

Our electric box awnings are the perfect addition to your home, allowing you to maintain a pleasant temperature while also protecting you from visual discomfort guaranteed by the suns rays. 

With over 250 colours and finishes to choose from you are sure to find a perfect awning to complement the look and feel of your home.

White Awning open with retractable arms in white, blue sky


By Saxun 

Boxed fabric folding arm awning

Grey cassette awning with a white background

Chest system developed with the comfort of the installer in mind. With a unique fixation, it offers flexibility and room for maneuver to make its adjustment as simple as possible. Its straight and basic lines are ideal for the contemporary architectural style, achieving the integration that both architects and decorators pursue. Direct front installation. Possibility of ceiling installation with additional supports. It allows its production in two different colors on the front profile and chest. Line up to 6 meters.

Yellow awning open with retractable arms with blue sky


By Saxun

Boxed fabric folding arm awning

Cassette grey awning with plain background

Ameris is a chest model with extendable arms that is characterized by a simple and elegant design. Despite its small dimensions, it allows a large exit thanks to the length of its arms, which will surprise all types of users and will make the terraces shine with their own light. Completely hidden fixing elements and screws. Possibility of exit up to 410 cm.

Cream awnings open with retractable arms on house with blue sky and grass


By Saxun 

Motorised fabric folding arm awning

Awning  in grey skeleton image

A sun protection system with an attractive aesthetic that brings together practical and advanced features to be able to carry out installations very quickly and comfortably. Its 100% metal structure achieves a uniform and elegant color appearance, since it does not integrate plastic elements that affect chromatic uniformity. Kiara is a box awning that makes it possible to enjoy endearing moments on all types of terraces in daylight, perfectly protecting users from solar radiation. Sensations that do not stop when the sun goes down, since we offer LED lighting possibilities both on the arms and on the chest itself. This way you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset every day in the best company.

Cream awnings open with blue sky on house with windows


By Saxun 

Cassette awning

Cassette awning in grey

Designed with aerodynamic lines, this system allows it to adapt to any type of exterior architecture. Thanks to its highly resistant articulated arm with internal tension system, the system offers great performance for all types of weather conditions. Protection of the mechanism and the canvas when the system is retracted. Concealment of the mechanical fixing elements for better aesthetics. Option with aluminum lids, lacquered in the same color as the chest.

Cream awnings open with blue sky and green trees


By Saxun

Boxed fabric folding arm awning

Cassette awning in grey white background

Awning with chest and extendable arms with the possibility of integrating a double sheathed chain made of stainless steel. With a maximum line of 7 meters and a maximum output of 3.60, the adaptability of the system will provide efficient solutions for all types of needs. Structural composition that allows the arms to move along its line. Possibility of installing a third arm if the dimensions allow it. Possibility of installing more anchor supports.

Mocha awning open on house with windows blue sky, table and chairs


By Saxun

Fabric folding arm awning

Skeleton picture of a cassette awning in grey

Awning designed to adapt perfectly to spaces that require small and compact solutions while maintaining a sophisticated and refined design. The multiple fastening possibilities and ease of installation allow a comfortable adaptation to any type of façade. Inclusion of highly resistant articulated arm. Concealment of fixing elements for a better aesthetic appearance. Total protection of the mechanism and the canvas when the awning is retracted.

Introducing Souleda fabrics 

Sauleda stands for its commitment of constant innovation in protection, in order to address its main priority: caring for people to allow them to make the most out of their time. We use the finest materials to develop the finest products: truck awnings, goods covers, industrial awnings, interior decoration, fabrics for the camping sector, advertising, facade awnings, waterproofing requirements, textile architecture and nautical fabrics, among others.

Since Sauleda was first established in 1897, it has had one objective: to manufacture high quality, design, awning fabrics. In 1897 Victoriano Sauleda founded Sauleda S.A. and put his son, Jose Sauleda Paulis, in charge of the business. This was a very important step for the company. More than one century later, we continue to remain true to his ideas.

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